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Find the Arabic translation of words and phrases in the English-Arabic dictionary by using the search field above. You can also search for translations in Arabic to find the corresponding English translation. Or simply choose from the list in the dropdown menu and click translate to look up translations in other dictionaries besides English-Arabic.

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Select a letter from the alphabet below to see a comprehensive list of words included in the English-Arabic dictionary. This lets you manually search the dictionary for English phrases and words you want to translate to Arabic, just as you would in a printed dictionary.

bab.la users improve the English to Arabic dictionary by adding new translations, and you can help too. Below are the recent additions to the English-Arabic dictionary. Vote if you think an Arabic translation should be included in the English-Arabic dictionary or if the suggestion should be deleted.

Join the worldwide bab.la community today and become a part of creating the best English-Arabic dictionary in the world. The dictionary grows with every Arabic word added, and as the Arabic wordlist grows it becomes more useful for everyone. The Arabic language is developing all the time, and how we translate English to Arabic is also changing. With our users contributing and sharing their knowledge the English-Arabic dictionary is always up to date. Depending on in what context an Arabic word is used it may have very different translations. Some very specific Arabic vocabulary may not even be found in traditional English-Arabic dictionaries. New English or Arabic words suggested for addition to the dictionary need to be checked for any errors such as spelling mistakes and incorrect grammar. For this reason each new Arabic translation must have 10 votes from users for it to be added to the English-Arabic dictionary. Before a new term is confirmed it still shows up in the results for searches in the English-Arabic dictionary, but is clearly marked as an unverified Arabic translation.
As a registered member you enjoy perks not available to other users. Adding Arabic translations to the English-Arabic dictionary when you are logged in means you do not need to enter any verification information. Also, for any new Arabic translations you suggest you earn points toward the world ranking. Don't forget to check out the English-Arabic forum where bab.la users discuss grammar, translation and the Arabic language in general.