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In the search field above you can type in a word to search in the English-Finnish dictionary. You can look for a translation in English as well as in Finnish, as both dictionaries are searched. The results are divided in different sections to help you find the right Finnish word or phrase easily. The page can show you different translations, synonyms, example sentences and forum entries. If you do not understand a Finnish word or its translation, these extra tools can be helpful to find more information.

Search the English-Finnish dictionary by letter

When you click on a letter below you can search a full list of words and phrases in the English to Finnish dictionary beginning with this letter. This is a good option if you are not sure which word you want to translate. By selecting a word in the list, you will find all Finnish translations and relevant Finnish synonyms.

Users can add new Finnish words to the English-Finnish dictionary. In order for them to be a permanent part of the dictionary, you can approve those words. With the verify utility, you can decide if the suggestions are correct or not. If you see a mistake, you can suggest an alteration. Below you see a list of the most recent entries.

Join us and have fun using bab.la! Together we can create the world's best free online English-Finnish dictionary. Whenever a user suggests a new Finnish word, it helps us to improve the quality of our dictionary. There can be one Finnish word that could have different meanings depending on the region or there can be more Finnish translations for one English word. If a user makes a suggestion to the English-Finnish dictionary, then this word will be marked as "unverified". Here you can show your knowledge and enthusiasm for languages and verify or correct the word. We need 10 bab.la users to verify one word in order to ensure the quality of our dictionary.
Register with us today and find out about the benefits of being a member of the bab.la language portal community. Whenever you enter a new word to the English-Finnish dictionary you will receive points for the world ranking. You can also post a question on our English-Finnish forum. Other bab.la users are always happy to help you, if you are not sure about a translation, Finnish grammar or other Finnish language related subjects.