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Enter a German phrase or word in the text field to look it up in the German-French dictionary. Naturally words in French that you want to translate to German can also be put in. Translate another language combination like English-French by selecting a dictionary in the drop-down menu. There are several options with which you can expand your search. If you can't tell the difference between very similar German or French terms you can give the Web or Wikipedia search tools a try to see results relating to the expression you searched for.

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With the letters below you can search the German to French dictionary manually. Select a letter from below to see all the German words in the German-French dictionary beginning with a certain letter. You can then browse the list of words and view all French translations as well as French synonyms by clicking on a German word.

In order for new user-contributed German and French words to be permanently added to the German-French dictionary they need to be checked for errors. You can help by voting for German to French translations you feel are correct and you can suggest changes to either the grammar, wording or spelling of either German or French words already added.

Why not be a part of the community on and join us in making our German-French dictionary the best and largest in the world? Our goal is to be the largest provider of free dictionaries on the Internet. To be successful, we will need your help. Translating from German to French is different from case to case depending on several factors. A French word could have one translation in one region and a different meaning in another area. There can be more than one correct French translation of a German word, as words can have varying interpretations conditional of what context they are put into. A technical French translation may vary strongly from a French medical translation, which is why the German-French dictionary includes several different interpretations. Help us by submitting new suggestions and checking others' additions.
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