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Find your Russian translation in the German to Russian dictionary. Enter a term you wish to search for in either German or Russian. To translate to another language, such as English to Russian, select another dictionary from the drop-down menu. If you have too many German-Russian translation results there are filter options to limit the displayed translations in the German-Russian dictionary. Use the filters for style, region and grammar to hide undesired Russian translations.

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Use the letters listed below to manually navigate through the German-Russian dictionary. See all words included in the German to Russian dictionary starting with your selected letter. To view all relevant terms in Russian as well as synonyms click on a word from the list.

New German-Russian word translations recommended for addition to the German-Russian dictionary are shown here. These German and Russian terms have been added by other users. Let us know what you think. If you think a German translation should be in put in the German- Russian dictionary; vote to add it. If it is incorrect; vote to delete it.

We want to make the German-Russian dictionary the best free online dictionary available. To do this we need your help. The user-contributed additions to the German-Russian dictionary help improve and grow the dictionary significantly. Every new German expression or piece of Russian specialist vocabulary makes the dictionary that much more useful. German to Russian translations can vary strongly from one scientific field to another. The same term can have several very different translations. We want to include all of these expressions in the German-Russian dictionary.
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