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Are you trying to find a Korean word you have heard, but you don't know how it is written? By selecting a character below, you will be shown a complete list of Korean words. When you find the correct Korean expression you can follow the link to the corresponding dictionary page.

All recent contributions to the Korean-English dictionary are displayed in the table below. By clicking on verify you can let us know whether a Korean translation should be included in the dictionary or if you think it is incorrect. You also have the option of suggesting alterations to either the English or Korean entry.

We are developing the largest and most detailed free online Korean dictionary in the world. You can be a part of that effort by lending a hand with the Korean-English dictionary. For every term added, the Korean dictionary is improved and becomes more useful. The Korean-English translations become better and more diverse when more users contribute. For example, Korean words can have multiple translations depending on context. A Korean medical expression may be the same as another scientific term, but have a different translation. Any new addition to the Korean-English dictionary has to be corrected before it is fully included in the dictionary. This happens when 10 other users have voted for the translation as being accurate.
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