Polish-Russian dictionary

The Polish-Russian dictionary has a myriad of Polish-Russian translations to offer. You simply need to enter the Polish word in the search field and press enter to display all its Russian translations. You can also insert a Russian word to get all of its corresponding Polish words since the dictionary works both ways. The detailed translation results of the term give you the Russian grammar, synonyms, style and example sentences to place the Russian word in context.

Search the Polish-Russian dictionary by letter

By clicking on the letters displayed below, you can see the Polish words that have already been added to the Polish-Russian dictionary organized in alphabetical order. If you are unsure of the spelling of a Polish word, you can browse the list of entries to end up on the right page containing the Polish-Russian translations.

Users can suggest Polish words to be added to the Polish-Russian dictionary and other users are all invited to verify them. Anyone can take part in enhancing the quality of the Polish-Russian dictionary. All you need to do is click on the icon next to the entry to validate or edit a Polish word.

Because it is fun to do and useful to Polish learners! Sharing your knowledge about Polish with Russian speakers on the Polish-Russian dictionary is rewarding and will be made available immediately. Anyone can contribute to the Russian dictionary and all translations matter. Polish is a complex language with many dialects and needs a continuous flow of new Polish entries to keep it up-to-date. Once a Polish translation has been suggested, it appears on the bab.la Polish-Russian dictionary as "unverified". The word then needs ten votes from other Polish-speaking users to be added to the dictionary for good. By proceeding that way, we maintain a high quality Polish-Russian dictionary.
If you want to take the leap, you merely need to register to activate your bab.la account and contribute to the bab.la Polish-Russian dictionary. That's how you get points that can be checked on the world ranking page. Ways to gather points are suggesting new Polish entries to the Polish-Russian dictionary or verifying Polish words that have already been submitted. If you have questions about Polish grammar, culture or anything else that is language-related, you can have a look at the Polish-Russian forum and ask all your questions there or answer questions in Polish that have already been asked by other Russian and Polish speakers. You can write questions in Russian as well as in Polish.