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Find Russian-English translations by searching the Russian-English dictionary using the text input field above. With the drop-down menu you can easily select another dictionary to search besides the Russian to English dictionary. If you find the results page contains too many Russian to English translations use the filters to refine your search. There are options to limit your results by category, style and grammar.

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Using the characters below, go to a full list of Russian words beginning with that letter. This lets you skim through the Russian-English dictionary manually in case you are unsure of a Russian spelling and are unable to find the right Russian to English translation.

The suggestions most recently made by users to add new Russian translations to the Russian-English dictionary can be viewed here. You can help us by using the verify tool to correct and approve Russian to English translations. Follow the link and vote to add, delete, or make suggestions for alterations to a Russian word.

Lend us a hand in building the best online Russian-English dictionary available. The dictionary is improved every time a user participates by voting for, verifying or adding a new Russian word. Russian and English are constantly evolving and new ways to translate from Russian to English crop up all the time. Users add these terms to our Russian-English dictionary which keeps it comprehensive and up to date. The more people take an active interest and submit new Russian expressions, the better the dictionary gets. New suggestions need to be checked before they finally get included in the Russian-English dictionary as valid translations. 10 users need to approve of a new submission for this to occur. Until then the Russian term will still show up in searches of the Russian-English dictionary, but it is clearly marked as unverified.
As a registered user you are part of the community and collect points when you help out by, for example, adding new Russian words to the dictionary. Follow your progress on the world ranking board and compete with friends and other users. In the Russian-English forum you can join discussions on Russian language topics such as translation, grammar and uses of common Russian phrases.