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Type in the word you need to translate from Thai into English in the area above. Alternatively you can type a word in English as both the Thai-English and English-Thai dictionaries are browsed when you search for a word. The results are divided into various sections: translations, synonyms, sentences to help you place the word in the right context or forum entries.

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If you don't know how to spell a Thai word or don't know how to type Thai special characters, you can browse the whole list of Thai entries by clicking on the letter with which the word begins. Then you simply need to find the word you were looking for and click on it to see the result page for it.

You can see below the translations that have been added by the other Thai-speaking users to the Thai-English dictionary. You can help us and make the Thai-English dictionary better by voting for the correct Thai translations. If you see a mistake or if you think the translation is erroneous, you can amend it and add the correct translation instead, in Thai as well as in English.

Upon joining the language community you can help us make the Thai-English dictionary more complete and reach our goal. We want to become the biggest online dictionary thanks to our users' help. This is how we keep adding new words to our database and keep our dictionary up-to-date. Adding new words, phrases, local or technical Thai and English words will make our dictionary better than ever. A Thai-English translation can have many different meanings, it all depends on the context it is used in. That is why we add so many English translations for each Thai word. If you add a new word to the Thai-English dictionary, the other users can then verify your submission before it is added for good. Until this is done, the entry will be marked as unverified.
Join the community and contribute to the Thai-English dictionary, it will allow you to collect points for the world ranking. For every Thai word suggested, you receive more points, as you do for verifying words suggested by other users if you register. If you have any doubts about the correctness of the translation, you can ask the other users for some help in the Thai-English forum. All the bilingual Thai-English enthusiasts are there to ask and answer questions about grammar, translation, spelling or pronunciation.