Internships abroad

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Finding an internship abroad is simpler than you think! The world is full of opportunities awaiting those with itchy feet. Select the country of your dream destination to unveil hundreds of internships in many fields, such as finance internships or marketing internships. Let the adventure begin! Are you a recruiter? Then the's internship platform may be the right place for you! Post your internship offer and find candidates from all backgrounds. Our language portal has been attracting millions of multilingual users, all of them "loving languages" and possible future interns for your company! Feel free to email us at internshipmarketplace [at] for all enquiries.

The internship platform is your passport to a professional experience, at home or abroad. We have a full array of internships, ranging from IT internships to engineering internships or even accounting internships, spread all over the world waiting for you to send your application! Are you the perfect candidate to become an intern? Do you need to complete an internship program to finish your studies? Are you craving for a summer internship abroad? Look no further, your dream internship could be only a click away!

Summer internships

Summer is a great opportunity to take a break from studying and gain some international work experience. Multinational companies around the world delve into the job market to look for engaged and talented young people over the summer. Trainee and internship program offers relating to all fields and backgrounds land on the internship platform on a daily basis. Internships in HR, marketing, development, IT and tourism, in locations all over the world, are available on our website. A summer internship abroad is the perfect opportunity to gain work experience, improve your social skills, enrich your CV and, last but not least, travel the world! There are thousands of job offers waiting for you. Just grab a world map and choose where you would like to go next. Then go to the internship platform, look for your desired destination and choose from the internship offers that best suit your profile and preferences. Summer is the high season for internships abroad so don't miss the chance to show your potential to international employers!

Work abroad

No matter your field of expertise, the world is full of job opportunities for those who are willing to move around. Working in a multicultural and multilingual environment is among the most enriching and educational experiences you can get. Interacting within a different environment is an optimal way to get a broader awareness of the world, and can have a very positive impact not just on our professional life but also personal. There are numerous perks of working abroad. For starters, you are given the chance to learn foreign languages or put your existing language skills to use. Furthermore, being part of a culturally diverse team enables you to discover new working styles and habits, which will make you a more flexible and versatile employee, as well as the opportunity to take part in international projects, which allows you to enhance your CV and to build international networks. Nowadays, the global economy drives companies to look for employees from a multicultural background and with multitasking skills. Therefore, having some work experience abroad is a very valuable addition to your CV. Your chances of getting a job will considerably increase if you can indicate that you have worked overseas.

Volunteer abroad: a life-changing experience

While working abroad is undeniably appealing and an opportunity most people would jump at, it isn't always entirely straightforward. For example, strict and highly demanding requirements of the target labour market can form a significant obstacle. However, for those craving an international adventure, all is not lost. Volunteering abroad represents an incredible opportunity to build a career abroad and fulfil your professional goals. The fact that this is an unpaid work may prevent some people from applying due to the fear of spending too much money. However, there are plenty of organisations which cover accommodation and food expenses of their volunteers. Furthermore, for most people who have ever been volunteers, these kind of experiences are far more rewarding than many paid jobs they have had. Volunteering abroad raises cultural awareness, improves self-confidence and, most importantly, helps people value the life they have and realise how fortunate they are.

Carry out an internship abroad and boost your professional career

The internship platform collects internship offers from multinational corporations and international start-ups which are looking to find engaged young professionals like yourself. Internships in various different fields all over the world are posted regularly on our website. International employers are searching for not just hard-working and engaged people, but also open-minded, tolerant and versatile young professionals. These characteristics can best be developed by having some work experience in a foreign country. By undertaking an internship abroad you broaden your horizons and get a better perspective of global society. What could be more exciting than discovering a new culture, learning a foreign language and experiencing a brand-new way of life?